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Why My Program’s Really Work When Others Fail!

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Free appointment to those who have found out about my program via the internet, and not by referral. You have no obligation to continue.

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Within the “Reese Wellness System”, is the “ReeSet Touch and Tap & Analysis and Therapy Program”.

My Analysis Process:

Your body can tell me what is going wrong, and it can tell me what it needs in order for you to recover. I just need to be able to talk to your body.

How I talk with your body is done thru my instruments.

An instrument analysis is always done by me prior to each of your appointments.

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ReeSet Terrain pH Balancer

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 This is going to be ONE of the most important areas on my site to educate yourself  about.

Several learned physicians, scientists,  and microbiologists have spoken at length on this simple but all important subject…


…If you have been fighting a constant and loosing battle with bad microorganisms, you need to know this one real truth that if not properly applied will result in continued resistance and colonization from the bad microbes.

Your bodies demise is not because the  bad pathological microbes are killing you,  but that the terrain the pathological microbes live in is allowing it to occur. You are hosting them in many ways relating to your bodies primary terrain.

The Bodies Properly Balanced Internal Terrain Is The Key To A Long Life, It Is Everything!

If you can not repair this correctly, all attempts to heal yourself will ultimately fail.

This major problem with broken terrain is why we are having so many people on medications, diets, natural remedies and therapies for symptoms that are do to terrain instability. This major area of concern is misdiagnosed by so many practitioners of all healing arts. If they do have an idea that it is occurring they rarely know what to do about it or possess the tools to act on it correctly.

This is especially true for the Chronically Ill. But there are true answers to this problem and I have over 40+years dealing in the area.

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