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Reese Terrain pH Balancer


Folks, it’s all about the excess Hydrogen’s. 

The less toxic amounts of unusable hydrogen in your body in the form of stored acidic residue , the more potential for alkalinity, and the body uses the alkalinity to regenerate itself.

Keep in mind that the body needs hydrogen, but just not in a toxic excess amounts. Which is the case for most of the people who are ill. Excess hydrogen is a terrain destabilizer.

Here are a few of the many things that can cause acidity or the potential to allow excess hydrogen in the body:

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Yes, You Should Be Scared: Antibiotics May Have Just Stopped Working in India

By Dinsa Sachan, 2014


 At a time when experts around the world fear that a post-antibiotic era may be on the horizon, India is facing harsh criticism from the global community for its inability to tackle its super bug epidemic. More than 58,000 infants died last year from bacterial infections that could not be treated, according to The New York Times. Now, the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, a Washington-based research center, is showing Indian hospitals how to track the trends of antibiotic resistance on their premises. It’s a breakthrough method that may eventually help hospitals implement strategies to tackle super bugs over the long-term.

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Can The Old Plagues Of The Past Come Back?

By Melissa Catelli |

Back in November, the island nation of Madagascar confirmed 119 cases of plague, including 40 deaths. But the bad news recently took a disturbing turn: “The fleas that transmit this ancient disease from rats to humans have developed resistance to the first-line insecticide,” Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization, said in a new report.

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Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened. It really has!


Here is a little update video series I thought might be appropriate. Good stuff albeit a little self serving for those involved.

But it does prove out what I have been saying for over 28 years to my clients.

For decades I have been learning about the world of microorganism’s. Both the Good and the Bad.

This started for me back in the early 1970’s when a simple country doctor presented the idea to me that we are only as strong as the microbes inside us are.

This is a double-edged statement, in that the unfriendly bad microbes can influence us in the same way that the good friendly microbes can and do. We have to develop strong strain of primitive friendly bacteria in the mucous membranes of all areas of the body to begin to fight back. See and read more.